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What is  the sound of Eddie Current? The sound of engagement! 

Most headphone amps all sound pretty good at first, but in less than an hour of listening, fatigue or boredom can take over. Eddie Current amps are designed to eliminate the barrier between you and the music. The barrier that pulls you away from the pleasure, when you find yourself thinking about getting back to work, watching YouTube, or looking for a new amp. With Eddie Current amps, you’ve achieved music nirvana.

Our Available Products:


Now being offered with a tertiary feedback or no feedback switch!  Can’t decide between the two options? Just ask for the Aficionado Plus, the same no-frills, high-performance flexible platform of the Aficionado–an affordable, low-power speaker amp, headphone amp and preamp.  Both versions feature a passive CLCLC power supply and EI power transformer. Ships within two weeks!



Eddie Current’s top-of-the-line amp, the Studio is all about speed, resolution, space, and accuracy. The topology is similar to the 2A3mk4, but with internal improvements. A 45 tube version can be built upon request.



The sound of luxury! Let its euphony transport you into the twilight zone. OTL (output transformerless) single-ended headphone amplifier. 6C33C-B power triodes and 6SL7 driver. 6D22S rectifier tubes. “S” super version features Japanese oil paper caps and circuit tweaks. The Zana Deux S will no longer be available once inventory in stock is gone!


Coming in 2019! THE STUDIO JR.

After years of designing the next great amp,  Eddie Current believes the quest might be accomplished! The Studio Junior, available in early 2019, offers a custom-designed, rare-earth magnetic material sandwich core with tertiary winding.  A lower cost alternative to the Studio’s indulgent four 2A3 output tube design, its offspring is designed with two outputs and a 396A / 2C51 driver tube. The JR still offers a high-performance flexible platform of being a low power speaker amp, headphone amp and preamp.  See Studio Jr. Page for more details…





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