The amplifier that started my journey into high-end audio was built by my dad in 1963 from parts in the electronics lab he had in our basement. The amp was a 2A3 mono block which drove a 12” Electro-Voice full range speaker. Almost all recordings were mono so life was much simpler then.

A year later stereo was the rage, and I built my first amplifier kit, a Lafayette 6BQ5 push/pull stereo model. This amp was a firm favorite from the 8th grade through high school. Then some evil genius convinced the public that transistors were superior in every way to vacuum tubes. For years enduring the flat lifeless sound of solid-state came the quest to get the music back.

I missed the sound of the 2A3 amp and decided to bring it back– the beginning of the never ending hobby to create the next great amplifier. For over 50 years I have been building sound processing equipment, as a hobby and the for companies in the industry, including UREI, JBL and Moth Audio.

In 2005, I took those years of experience and formed Eddie Current, wanting to work directly with customers who shared the joy of discreet listening and provide them amps at the best price possible. Every Eddie Current amp bears a signature sound with the bar set to audio ecstasy. One of the original companies to develop high-end headphone amplifiers, Eddie Current has stayed true to its mission of creating audio art, not to capitalize on, but to share the joy of listening.

What sets Eddie Current apart from most companies is the craftsmanship, customer service and support that is a promise with every amp purchase. Every amp is hand-built, tested and listened to by Craig himself for 24 hours before being shipped to its owner. Also packaged in with every amp is ongoing support and advice on tubes and complementary gear to maximize your listening experience.

Amp Reviews

The Zana Deux is Eddie Current’s most classic amp and has been in production since 2005 and inspired by the Moth Audio Corporation where Craig launched his popular vintage design. Read the review:


The Balancing Act received the prestigious 6 moons Blue Moon awards bestowed only on components of rare excellence.



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