The Eddie Current Investment

When you place an order with Eddie Current you are special ordering a piece of audio gear that is custom made. Amp prices are listed on each description page. Payment methods are described on the order forms. Please download the order form to fill out and send back by email so we can personally follow up with you.  Indicate which amp you wish to own and any special requests you might have– or contact Craig at to discuss requests before ordering.  

All Eddie Current gear is an investment in audio art; custom made and hand-built in small runs to assure exceptional sound and quality.  Your purchase also comes with ongoing customer support to maximize your listening enjoyment anytime you want professional advice on components, tubes and headphones. We add you to our customer database to provide you ongoing support and discounts on amps or parts.

Placing an order will require a deposit. Upon completion of the amp, final payment is due with shipping costs. Please read the complete order form as deposits are only refundable in special circumstances as deposits go to pay for special order parts. 

Eddie Current Warranty:

All Eddie Current-made products come with a three year warranty for parts and labor. Warranty does not include shipping costs.  Eddie Current does not warranty tubes and supplies them only as a courtesy to customers. All tubes provided by Eddie Current are tested with your amp but warranties must go through the manufacturer of the tube.

Please note that Eddie Current warranties are not transferable. If the amplifier repair is due to customer damage by tube rolling, repairs will be charged parts and labor, which will be quoted before work is performed.

If you are ready to experience the next level of listening pleasure, please fill out the order form, save to your files and email to You will get confirmation once your order is received. If you cannot open the form, please email or contact us with your order and we will process it for you.


CLICK HERE FOR PDF ORDER FORM (if you cannot open easy fill-in doc format)

If you prefer to phone order, contact 818-224-3782 and leave a message with your contact info.

If you inquiring from Asia, below are authorized dealers of Eddie Current where you can both hear and buy gear. For more information, visit:

    • Taiwan: Music Hi Fi
    • Hong Kong: Save Audio; Tel 86-18261165666
    • Beijing: Yue Ying Audio
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