Eddie Current amps really dates back to the Beatles Invasion of 1963. But that was before digital photography and no picture exists of that first amp,  when Eddie Current founder Craig Uthus was inspired to build one in the 7th grade. And he’s been building them ever since–for himself, for companies as a staff engineer, and currently for audiophiles direct through starting Eddie Current.

When Craig started to prefer classical music in 8th grade, the quest for the best performing amp began and when he never could find it, his own obsession began with building high-end, hand-built, tube-driven headphone amps that capture the golden age of audio delivering full and transparent sound.

The Eddie Current product line represents the range of sonic possibility when it comes to design and enjoyment of vacuum tube technology.  Each amp offers it own unique sound stage and  listening experience as well as a moment’s inspiration in audio art created by Eddie Current. Products are never market driven; having an Eddie Current amp is an investment like no other in audio gear.

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