Eddie Current Studio Jr.  


After years of designing sound stages that can deliver the optimum listening experience, Eddie Current went into the lab with all that research, testing and knowledge to design an affordable offspring to its flagship Studio  headphone/speaker vacuum tube amplifier.  The Studio Jr is a scaled-down version of The Studio, available in both a 2A3 OR 300B version. It is an exceptional piece of gear in the most affordable price range possible. The Studio Jr. features custom parts specifically designed by Eddie Current and made by our hand-picked manufacturers! They have been sourced and tested to deliver the very best sound stage with guaranteed non-fatiguing listening pleasure. The Studio Jr. delivers a pure natural and lively sound and balanced listening. It will superbly drive planar magnetic headphones as well as speakers without compromising your headphone enjoyment:


  • Custom output transformers, rare earth magnetic core with tertiary feedback standard of 1.75 dB (as with Studio).
  • Balanced headphone drive.
  • Two input selector switch, two pairs RCA unbalanced inputs.
  • Speaker kill switch.
  • 100K high Alps Blue Velvet volume control.
  • One pair Speak-On speaker outputs. 4, and 8 ohm.
  • 4-foot detachable umbilical cord.
  • Hand wired point to point signal circuit.
  • Vacuum tube rectified passive LC power supply.
  • Will drive 4,8 ohm speakers to 4 watts. Input sensitivity 1.5V for full power.
  • Power bandwidth -1dB 10Hz-100kHz.
  • Recommended headphone load 8 ohms or higher.
  • Power into 32 ohms 2W.
  • Power into 100 ohms 800mW
  • Power into 300 ohms 400mW.
  • Typical headphone frequency response–balanced or SE: -1dB 10Hz-100kHz.
  • Balanced line output 11 volts into 600 ohms. -1dB 10Hz-100kHz.
  • Dimensions: 12” wide by 16.5” deep front control knob, to rear panel switches.  10” high W/O tubes 18 lbs

Limited Intro Run offered at $3300 in either 2A3 or 300B version ($3500 for future runs) plus shipping.


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