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Studio Tribute (limited availability)

The Studio Monolith

This top-of-the-line headphone-speaker amp is designed with exceptional custom parts, painstakingly tested in the Eddie Current lab to provide the very best sound stage for pure listening pleasure, delivering a natural and lively sound, and balanced listening. It will superbly drive planar magnetic headphones as well as speakers without compromising your headphone enjoyment.


  • Cinemag output transformers with tertiary winding for lowest distortion.
  • Tribute version: Nanocrystalline interstage transformers
  • Monolith version: Mag Glass C core interstage transformers
  • 417A / 5842Q driver.
  • Single ended, or balanced headphone drive.
  • Three input selector switch.
  • One pair speaker outputs. Will drive 8 ohm speakers to 6 watts per channel.
  • Hand wired point to point signal circuit.
  • Vacuum tube rectified power supplies.
  • High frequency AC on output tube heaters.
  • Power bandwidth 15-50kHz. Recommended headphone load 8 ohms or higher.
  • Power into 32 ohms 800mW.
  • Power bandwidth driving Sennheiser 600’s -0.5dB 10Hz to 40kHz. Wide band noise less than 250uV
  • Tubes included: two 5842Q and two 6D22S tubes.
  • 4-foot detachable
  • Dimensions: 19″L x 14″W x 10.5H (with tubes). Feet placement are 14″L x 12″”W
Studio Amplifier Theory of Operation

The Studio amplifier is Eddie Current’s flagship entry into the professional market. It is a true single ended vacuum tube headphone/speaker amplifier.

Parallel 2A3 output tubes are transformer plate loaded to create one massive SE triode output device. The output transformer has three separate windings. Primary, secondary, and tertiary. The tertiary winding is a small number of turns close to the transformer core. This winding cancels non linearity (distortion) inherent in all magnetic devices.

Signal flow is from balanced 600 ohm input transformer, or single ended RCA jack. Either input is selected with a silver contact front panel toggle switch, then goes to the volume control, and on to the grid of a high trans-conductance transformer plate loaded 5842Q/417A triode. This transformer uses a nano crystalline core material that has virtually no hysteresis. This means you hear the tube not the transformer. This topology also transfers maximum power to the grids of the output tubes with far greater speed than any coupling capacitor could manage. In other words no coupling caps in the signal path.

Lastly the output 2A3 tube heaters are the cathodes. This means that any AC voltage, or power supply noise that cannot be null-ed out will be heard from the amplifier. DC on the heater is the common, and easy solution to prevent noise. Unfortunately for the tube to operate at peak performance requires an even electron cloud inside the tube for the grid, plate and cathode to work with.

The Studio amplifier employs as it’s heater drive circuit a low distortion Wien Bridge sine wave oscillator operating at 46kHz. This feeds a power amplifier which drives custom wound isolation transformers. These transformer isolate the drive circuit, and provide precise center taps. This drive scheme produces a perfect electron cloud inside the output tubes.

This combination taken as a whole makes a low distortion SE tube amplifier with incredibly transparent and deep sound stage.

Because of its hard-to-source components, a limited number of Studios are being made. The Studio is guaranteed to be a unique investment in audio.

Price $7000 plus shipping; 2A3 tubes not included

Upgrades or modifications: Inquire about adding special components to your order. 


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