Eddie Current’s longest running product and possibly the most talked-about line/headphone tube amplifier on the market, the Zana Deux is timeless audio art, offering exceptional musicality and design. New larger paper and oil capacitors improve the amp’s performance speed, resolution and clarity. These amps are handcrafted and offered at an exceptional price point for American-made audio art, in both sound stage and appearance. The Zana Deux’s Hi /Lo impedance switch will drive most headphones and the nickel plated caps enhance the detail in design. The final amps in the inventory are the stealth black finish. Because of the hard-to-source parts, the Zana Deux will be retired after current inventory is sold out. 100V – 240V available.


  • Three input selector switch.
  • 100K Alps volume control.
  • Two pairs of line outputs.
  • External low noise Toroid power transformer, with 4-foot detachable umbilical cord.
  • Hand wired point to point, no printed circuit boards. Inductor LC power supply filters with polypropylene capacitors.
  • Conservatively operated vacuum tubes. Source output resistance 12 ohms. Will drive hundreds of feet of line level cable.
  • Power Bandwidth:
    • Driving Sennheiser HD600:
      • L mode: -0.5dB 1Hz to 135kHz
      • H mode: -0.5dB 5Hz to 60kHz
      • Power Output: L / H 650 mW
    • Driving Grado RS1:
      • L mode: -0.5dB 1Hz to 110kHz
      • H mode: -0.5dB 5Hz to 60kHz
      • Power Output: L 500mW / H 150mW
  • Source Resistance: L=3ohms / H=12ohms
  • Gain: L=8dB / H=18dB
  • Wide band noise less than 250uV
  • Tubes included: 2 6D22S rectifier, 1 6SL7 driver, and 2 6C33C-B power triodes.
  • Dimensions: 12″ wide by 14″ deep by 9″ high. 14 lbs.


  • Headphones with nominal load from 8 to 600 ohms!
  • All traditional dynamics and moderate to high efficiency planar magnetics
  • Exceptional synergy (not an exhaustive list) with the following headphones: Sennheiser HD800, HD650, HD600; Beyer T1, DT880; Fostex TH900, TH600; Audeze LCD2; Reference Sounds Paradox; Mr. Speakers Mad Dog, Alpha Dog; Grado.

Price $2600 

Plus shipping; all tubes included
Upgrades or modifications: Inquire about adding special components to your order. 


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 “…with my listening experience, the Eddie Current Zana Deux is the finest performing single-ended headphone amp to ever seduce my ears.” -Ryan Clarin, Six Moons. 
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“I would also recognize Craig Uthus not only as a superb amplifier designer and builder, but also in customer service and support. The Zana Deux is a living legend.”-Headphonia. 
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